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Welcome to the Law Offices of Robert J. Gonzalez

Here at the Law Offices of Robert J. Gonzalez we continually strive to provide you with the highest quality legal representation in your personal injury matter. Our focus and commitment to our clients is not limited to just obtaining results, but to obtaining the best results. We are available by phone 7 days of the week, and can accommodate you with an appointment in our office, at your home, at the hospital, or mutual meeting ground.

With over 20 years of experience, we have taken on and have been successful in a full spectrum of cases ranging from automobile, trailer/big-rig, and bicycle accidents, to pedestrian vs. auto, slip-and-falls, wrongful death claims, and dog bites. Call us today at (866) 477-9991 and find out why we are the best legal firm in the Sacramento area.

Here are some of the case types we specialize in:

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