Workers Compensation

Workers' Compensation is an area of Administrative Law that provides protection for employees who are injured at work. If you are injured at work, the injury must be reported immediately to your employer. Your employer is then required to provide you with a claim form and immediate medical treatment. It is important to remember that many deadlines may exist following a work related injury, and you must act quickly to protect your rights. Workers Compensation law is a complex area, and requires many forms and detailed records of your injury and treatment. You may need to consider future medical treatment and temporary or permanent disability from your injuries. There may be benefits available to you beyond just medical attention and lost wages. Our firm is experienced and capable in the area of workers compensation appeals and litigation, and with our local medical professional contacts we will work to help you get back to normal, and to recover everything you are owed, including damages if your employer was negligent or failed to comply with the law.

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